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Have you been looking for a place to purchase documents online? Do you need a second chance in life when it comes to documents? Are you in need of SSN, FALSE AND REAL PASSPORT, FALSE AND REAL LICENCE’S. SCHOOL CERTIFICATES, TOEFL AND IELTS? We are here to make all your dreams come true when it come to documents and certificated. We have attorneys who are working hand in hand with us to ensure you get safely into the country of your choice legally without any mishap. Our services are so unique you will be amazed and completely satisfied so much you will keep ordering.  It doesn’t matter if you are in the EU, AU, USSR, USA, MIDDLE EAST, ASIA. AFRICA, SOUTH AMERICA, etc as long as your location has a P.O box or house address, then we will deliver your document to you. We are experienced and have the best machines that facilitate our job and also the best hologram duplicators. We ensure fast delivery through discreet measures and in collaboration with our workers in DHL. So take a chill pill and smile for your are in the right place. Just as our company name insinuates, we process the best authentic documents ever no one can tell the diffrecne. The only difference between our real documents and that from the authorities or government is that we are the one’s processing ours and they are the on’s processing their at the end all our authentic documents are registered in the same systems as theirs lol courtesy of our workers who work in the government offices.

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Our passports

We produce authentic or real and false or novelty passports here at Authentic documents. We have experts who ensure you get the top quality passports you have always been looking for. All our real passports are database registered.

ID Cards

We process fake and authentic drivers license of all countries including Europe, UK, USA, USSR, AU, NZL,Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America etc.

Drivers License's

We process both false and real drivers license. All our real drivers license are database registered and very genuine. On the other hand, our false license are not database registered and should be used only as camouflage.


We help in making sure you get good quality scores in TOEFL and IELTS exams. We have workers who will ensure all your grades are good and save in machines.

Our Fake Doument Assurance
Not Safe to Use 40%
Our Original Document Assurance
100 % Safe To Use 100%


We aware getting a fake passport to meet all your real needs is very tough and seems impossible at times. But, we have good printing quality and efficient technicians with a lot of experience who are here to make sure you that all your needs are met in a very efficient and satisfactory way. You can have a faith in us and everything you want is yours. Moreover, our prices are very affordable.

Why are our prices affordable?

We are quite aware of the fact that not everyone is capable or fit financially to purchase a document online because at times they are costly. We have made our prices very moderate and affordable to avoid such situations. Moreover, we do not discriminate because we sale to all races and countries. So being a German, Arab, Muslim, Chinese or Asian. African, Australian. etc we will sale to you without hesitating.

Travel Safely

We are here to ensure you travel safely, drive with assurance and without of fear of been asked for your license, more over we ensure you get into the English university of your choice by ensuring you get good grates in the TOEFL and IELTS exams


Buying an authentic passport or document is the only safe way to avoid jail. For instance, buying an authentic or real passport from us is safe because all the data on the real or authentic are genuine in the sense that they are database registered. Moreover, should any scan check this original or real passports, then all information will pop up. You can likewise use the government website, just tele-point the code or a verification diskette that we give to all our buyers who actually go in for the authentic document/passport.This holds same with our real drivers license and ID cards. The only assured way to travel safely or avoid jail when it comes to documents is to always get real or authentic ones from us. We have put our prices to be very moderate enabling everyone to be capable of purchasing with having a financial barrier.

Enjoy Your Life And Be Stress Free

buy fake & original passports and visas. With us, you can go to the country you've always wanted to go to. We have fake passports for sale likewise real passports and visa for sale online. You can now safely get your fake or real passports and visa just with one click.

buy drivers license from

Drive Salely without fear we give you the best license

We process fake and real or authentic driver license. Now you can drive safely without the fear of the police. All our original or real license are very safe to use as they are database registered. On the other hand, the fake license should be used only as camouflage.

toefl and ielts

Are You Dreaming Of Studying In An English University?

We are very aware that not all are fit to write the english exam and pass because of bad articualtation or non comprehemsion of the english language. We at authentic documents are here to ensure that you pass the TOEFL and IELTS exams without a blink.

What Our Customers Say

I never believe i will find a place like this. I have bought ID cards from you guys twice and my real passport has been renewed in Korea, You guys are the best i recommend you all the way. These guys are sooooo amazing, Thanks a lot Muah!!!!!
Alene Elvine Korea
Alene Elvine
Authentic documents!!! I will shout your names till i die. Remember i was frustrated and really needed a driver license and a passport? You advised me to get real documents and not fake. All information on my documents are in the systems, I will always buy from you
Jonas Gerber - Designer
Jonas Gerber

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In conclusion, we advise all our buyers to always make sure they buy original documents. This is to avoid prison and detention, The prices for our original documents are very affordable and everyone can buy. So avoid prison and get your original documents.

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