Difference Between Real And Fake Documents


Real Documents

All our real documents have the data and information of all our clients registered in a supposed or specific database system. This is to ensure all information show in systems whenever the documents are verified in any airport or using an optical reader. All details of our original or real documents will show up as 100 % valid from the database. For instance, if you want us to process a UK passport. then we will register all your Biometric and Basic information the UK central database. This is to make sure that when checked, the details will show up hence proving its authentic. Our real documents will be accepted in all offices in the world and by any authority around the world. Real or genuine documents can be renewed any where you want including your state authorities. Once they verify the system and see all your information and notice everything ids genuine and legal, they shall without any hesitation renew your document without a force.


Fake Documents

Anything fake is not good and accepted. Anything fake is risky to use. Anything fake is dangerous and must be avoided. Our fake documents which we process are not database registered. This means that the information on the fake documents will never pop up anywhere. Anybody using the fake document is doing so at his/her own risk. The fake documents can hence be used only for CAMOUFLAGE and should never be used in airport and CAN never be renewed by the authorities. It however processes all other security features such as holograms, seals, stamps and watermarks. In addition, we advise all our loyal buyers to always make sure they buy only the real documents. We have made sure all our documents are very affordable such that everyone can buy. This is to avoid any client going to jail. Unless you want to use the fake documents for CAMOUFLAGE motives please do not purchase it.


For us to ensure these documents you seek are valid, we will be demanding and requiring both your Biometric and Basic information depending on the document you seek. The Biometric information is always needed and must always be provided so we can process your document. The main Biometric information which are always needed are; Passport Sized Photo and Finger Prints.

Not all Real Documents need Biometric information for registration. Example of documents which require Biometric information are;

  • Passports
  • Driver’s License
  • ID Cards
  • Resident Permit

As for the fake documents, it will not matter if you provide us your real finger prints or fake finger prints because it is just a fake document and will not be used in airports or any places where they can be verified. Meanwhile, the photo must be provided

Furthermore, other documents like School Diplomat certificates, Birth Certificates, Social Security Card, etc, we shall need all basic information from the client. These information includes Your Name, Sex, Date of Birth, Height, etc. And vital information varies depending on the type of document you want us to produce for you. If we are processing or producing a Diploma, we there must require your university choice and your Major course and Faculty.

In addition, as for documents such as Birth Certificates, we will need the name of your Mother and Father and some other basic details and information which we will disclose.