Drivers License

We Process Genuine And Fake Drivers License

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We process bot real and fake Driver License. For the Real Driver License, we register all the information of the real license into the database systems. This simply means if the licese is checked using a data reading machine, all information on that specific real license willl show up in the system. This simply means you can legally use the document.We also process fake driver licence which does not have all information save in the systems. These fake license also known as novelty license can be used only as camouflage and should not be used in airports or any places where there are database reading machines. This is because none of the information on the novelty license are saved in the systems and should they be verified, not information will pop up making it entirely illegal to use and the only outcome is jail

In conclusion. we advise all to always buy a real license to avoid problems, moreover, should anyone buy a fake license, then it should be used only as camouflage and kept far from where database reading machines are.